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aol gold

AOL Gold desktop is the advanced and easy to use, multipurpose desktop for browsing, mail, content search and much more. AOL desktop consists of some premium features and automatic updates that will automatically replace the older version of updates on your device. Apart from this, AOL also offers a free 30 day trial with 24×7 live support for users.

The AOL desktop gold has redefined security features and a very economic monthly subscription fee. The desktop is easy to use and highly intuitive for beginners and comes with 2 step verification and high end encryption for better security. Also it is super easy to transit from the previous version to the latest desktop gold. For quick browsing facilities and rich security options switch to AOL desktop gold.

Upgrade to AOL Desktop Gold?

Here are several appealing aspects of the latest AOL Desktop Gold you must know before downloading it:

  • The interface of AOL desktop gold is seamless and intuitive. From beginners to experienced users, everyone can use this desktop proficiently
  • You don’t have to compromise with the security of your account as AOL desktop gold comes with 2 step verification and password authorization as strong security features
  • You can easily transfer your passwords, icons, usernames and mails from the older version to the brand new desktop gold
  • The new version is highly optimized and supports high speed internet for quick results
  • It also offers automatic updates that require little space
  • This desktop does have rare chances of crashing and errors due to the enhanced performance and security
  • AOL desktop gold comes with a personalised touch and an appealing design
  • You can easily access your AOL contacts stored on the server
  • It provides a similar feel and look as the older versions to maintain its traditional appeal

Looking forward to download the latest Gold Desktop? Here is a thorough guide that will help you download it in few easy steps:

Downloading AOL desktop Gold?

  • Windows 7,8, or 10
  • 266MHz or faster processor
  • Minimum 1028×768 or higher screen resolution
  • 1GB or more RAM
  • Internet connection
  • If you are upgrading the Desktop gold from older versions, you might require some additional disk space

Steps to download AOL desktop Gold:

If you are already an advantage plan member, follow the below given steps:

1: Sign in to your AOL account at

2: Click on ‘All Products’ and move to ‘AOL Desktop Gold’.

3: Click on ‘Download Now’.

4: Follow the on screen instructions to install the desktop


If you are already using the AOL Desktop Gold trial version, follow the below given instructions:

1: Sign in to

2: Click on ‘Manage My Subscriptions’

3: Click on ‘Premium Subscriptions’

4: Choose ‘AOL Desktop Gold

5: Click on ‘Get Stared’

6: Follow the on screen instructions for installation


If you have the official AOL signup confirmation link in your mail address, follow the below given steps:

1: Open the mail

2: Click on ‘Download Desktop Gold

3: You can also choose ‘Update’ now if you are already using AOL desktop

4: Browse your downloads folder and click on ‘save’

5: Follow the on screen instructions for installing the updated version

Once the download process is completed, move to your downloads folder and install the desktop. The installation and download process is simply hassle free and will help you access your brand new AOL desktop Gold in few minutes.